Custom reclaimed woodworking and remodeling



Trimmed Out Interiors is a full-service remodeling company specializing in reclaimed woodworking and known for outstanding workmanship. Our experienced staff of professionals is dedicated to executing creative design solutions and reliable, thorough services to provide you with the dream interior you’ve always envisioned.

Hundreds of customers have been fully satisfied with their remodels. Trimmed Out Interiors will drastically improve the overall look and feel of your home while adding equity and new beauty and function.

Our Specialties

• Custom trim and woodworking

• Supplier of Reclaimed Flooring

• Lumber Supplier

• Reproduction of historical mouldings

• Hardwood and exotic mouldings

• End-grain panel floors and tabletops

• Barn beam mantels

• Kitchens and bathrooms

Our services also include remodeling
for the entire home

• Basements • Baths • Kitchens • Mudrooms

Reclaimed WoodworkingReclaimed Woodworking

Trimmed Out Interiors is proud to offer our reclaimed woodworking services to customers who are interested in wood with history. There’s a story waiting to be told with every piece of old wood. Our lumber specialists finish these historical pieces and allow them to narrate.

Reclaimed materials are unique, sparking conversations among every visitor to your home. These beautiful pieces utilize sustainable recycled materials to further reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your home’s interior.

The sturdy craftsmanship and warm glow of reclaimed wood can be delivered through various forms, from flooring and tabletops to moldings and beams. You won’t find any of these pieces in big box stores.

At Trimmed Out Interiors, we work tirelessly to create pieces that will illuminate your home and pull together the interior. We pay attention to the minor details that make all the difference in the creative design of a well-crafted piece of reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Lumber Supply

Not only do we design unique pieces to add an elegant point of interest in your home, we also supply reclaimed lumber so you can make your own. Our reclaimed lumber supply is available for you to purchase and create beams, siding, timbers, wood mantels, flooring, or any type of furniture that you can imagine. This reclaimed lumber is always top-notch and high-quality to leave your piece looking its best.


Your home is where you relax, laugh with family, and entertain guests. We want you to love every aspect of it, from the floors to the beams, so you’re always surrounded by the utmost comfort.

While you love your home, perhaps you’ve noticed areas where it can be improved. Trimmed Out Interiors is your one-stop shop for remodeling, starting with helping you to determine what can be changed and what’s perfect as it is. We’ll help you identify what you’re not completely pleased with and work with your personality and lifestyle to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or another room remodel – we can help you bring out the best in your home.

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