Mouldings within your home add an element of visual interest and seemingly frame each room effortlessly and elegantly.

With Trimmed Out Interiors’ custom mouldings and custom trim work, you’ll be able to achieve any look that you desire. Custom mouldings will bring uniqueness to your home that no one will be able to duplicate. Learn more about custom and historical mouldings.

Custom Mouldings

Standard mouldings look beautiful from room to room, but having a one of a kind design will really make your home a unique masterpiece that you’ll be thrilled to show off to friends and family. If you’re interested in custom mouldings from Trimmed Out Interiors, follow our easy step-by-step process below:


Step 1: Request  Email us a scanned profile, cad drawing, or send us a sample. Indicate the species of wood and the quantity.

Step 2: Quote  You will receive a quote and drawing of your moulding and a lead time via email.

Step 3: Approval and Confirmation  Return the work order along with the approved drawing to process your order.

Historical Mouldings

If you’ve always been passionate about antiquated style and historical mouldings, Trimmed Out Interiors will design the perfect mouldings for your home utilizing custom-knives.

You may have seen historical mouldings that you’d love to recreate in your own home, and we can help you achieve that look by reproducing the specific pattern with custom-knives.

If the knife for this specific pattern is not available, Trimmed Out Interiors can have one made for the requested pattern.

To get pricing and details on available items, please contact us.

Chestnut Mouldings

Reclaimed Wood Frame

Classical Craftsman Mouldings

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